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Myanmar is the unique country of 135 national races living together. It is interesting to visit their villages and amazing to learn their unique culture of different tribe. Trekking is the only way to get to their villages in mountains and to meet with people. Kyaingtong is a verge mountainous area where you can find national races like Akhar, La Hu, Lisu, Ann, Palaug, Gon Shan etc. Trekking in Kalaw and Pindaya will get a chance to learn about tea plantation and meet with Danu, Pa-O, Palaung & Taung Yo tribes. Walking through Tai Shan villages and orchards around Lashio and Hsipaw areas are interesting. You will feel different culture and atmosphere by trekking in Chin state, Mindat & Kanpelet area. Our programs consist of soft trekking as well as moderate trekking, the choice is all yours.

TT - 01: Pindaya trekking overnight at a monastery

Start the journey from Pindaya uphill to Danu villages for about 1hr.Continue trekking through villages, valleys, streams until you reach Palaung tribe village of Yasagyi. . . .

TT-02: Kalaw /Inle Lake trekking (2D/1N)

This is for clients who like experiencing one day trekking only. You will be sent to a village where you have to start the trekking. Walk about 2 hrs . . .

TT-03: Trekking from Kalaw to Indein Pagoda Complex (3D/2N)

This will give you understand insight culture and customs of hill tribe people in Shan states. Walk ups and downs through trails , meet with local people (Da nu, Pa O , Palaung etc) on the way . . .

TT-04: TREKKING in Pa-O Minority Community Area

Daily trekking is about 5 hrs , mostly on the plain . There are few slopes during trekking. Pa O People live in this area, they wear . . .

TT-05: Trekking in Hsipaw

Give time to explore to Shan and Palaung villages by walking or take a boat along the river and walk to find old traditions of people . . .

TT-06: Beauty Land of Akhar Trekking

Daily visit by car and walk through hills and rice fields to make a visit . Around Kyaing tong lives different Shan minorities such as Gon Shan . . .

TT-07: Discover Kayan Longneck Ladies

Depending to the interest, short tour can be arranged to visit Loikaw (the capital of Kayah state) and by car and short trek to Panpet village . . .

TT-08: MT. Victoria & Tattoo Faced CHIN WOMEN

Explore another quality of life over the Chin Hills. Women living in this region have their face tattooed. Design of tattoo varies among different . . .

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