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Travelling with kids by giving a chance to educate them about culture , nature and environment of other countries is a rewarding thing for your children. Once our country was well known in culture based tourism, but trend have changed by developing with new products so that we can also offer nature and eco-tourism , biking , trekking (short or long),learn nature of Elephants etc etc. For children, not to get bored they can enjoy by taking circular train ride or wondering through local market place by tri-shaw. We look at Children’s safety and carefully arrange the programs.

FT-01: Family Round Tours with Kids Activities

To explore untouched area due lack of infrastructure now reachable and discover the unknown culture of Chin Tribes. Chin is one of the main nationals of Myanmar. . . .

FT-02: Visit minority villages in Shan States (9D/8N)

Putao - Situate 1499 feet above sea and located far north of Myanmar in Kachin State, descendent from eastern Himalayan region . . .

FT-03: Family Escape From City Life

This tour is suitable for family with children of age over 10 years because it the program is built with several activities. Escape from city life program is completed with a tour outside of the city, bicycle activity, . . .

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