River Cruises

River cruises ply on Myamar’s two major rivers; Ayeyarwaddy River and Chindwin River. The most popular river cruises are between Mandalay and Bagan that take 1 night cruise or 2 nights cruise. It is a pleasant and enjoyable river journey while watching the daily life of people. Chindwin rivers cruises operates for longer tours from Mandalay up to Kalaymyo, Mawleik , etc. Daily express boats are also available between Bagan and Mandalay. The express boats serve for passengers who wish to travel in one day between the two capitals. The boats are not over crowded with passengers and equipped with safety equipment for passengers.

RV Pandaw

The unique Pandaw river expedition concept evolved here from the vestiges of the colonial Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Our first ships were built here and in Burma we learnt to master river navigation at its worst. . . . .

RV Paukan

Paukan is the ancient name of Bagan, the old city of two thousand temples on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. This ancient capital, seat of the First Myanmar Empire, is a treasure to the people of Myanmar. . . .

RV Amara

The Amara River Cruise is a traditional Myanmar riverboat travelling along the Ayeyarwaddy River. It is made of teak wood and was completely refurbished by local craftsmen in 2003. It is 30 meters/ 100 feet long. . .

RV Strand

The luxurious Strand Cruise takes you on a lavish journey down the historical Ayeyarwady River with breathtaking views of Myanmar and its beautiful scenic heritage. . . .

Burma Boating

Explore the untouched world by luxury sailing. Think white beaches lined with palm trees and dense jungle. Think swimming in azure water amongst colorful reef fishes, spotting corals and collecting seashells. . . .

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