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Theravāda Buddhism has been flourished the most in Union of Myanmar among other Buddhist countries all over the world. Eighty-six percent of total population in Myanmar follows Buddhism and the country’s landscape is endowed with pagodas, Buddhist temples and Buddhist monasteries that make the land more serene and more peaceful.

Buddhism, as we call, is infact not an “sim”. It is the teaching of Buddha. It explains the truth of nature and it shows the way to liberate from Sāmsāra, the never ending cycle of birth and death.

According to Buddhist literature, throughout his Buddhahood of forty-five years, Lord Buddha taught and reminded his followers one thousand seven-hundred and ninety-two times to practice Insight Meditation. This shed a light on how important it is to practice meditation.

Meritorious deeds such as making donations and observing precepts alone are incapable of making us escape from Sāmsāra, through they are reliable contributors on our path to achieve ultimate freedom. Insight meditation is the only means that ensures us to realize Nibānna (Nivana).


Insight Meditation (Vipasanā)

To practice Insight Meditation, one needs to have prior knowledge of specific teachings of Buddha. Buddhist meditation centres in Myanmar provide such knowledge together with appropriate such knowledge together with appropriate meditation methods. The question of “Why meditate” is as important as “How to meditate” in order to ensure that practicing meditation is not mere sitting or walking which can not lead to the realization of Nibānna but just to develop concentration. This is not to say there shall be no benefit nor advantage in practicing meditation without prior knowledge. According to Buddha, good mind and evil mind are alternately arising all the time, but not at the same time. While meditating, our mind is peaceful and calm for a certain moment, which deters evil mind to arise and good mind arises instead.

However, this peaceful state of mind is not our final destination. It would lead us to be reborn at higher planes like the planes of Brahma or the planes of celestial beings in our next existence, however, there is always a possibility for us to be reborn at lower planes including hell, for we also have done evil deeds in our past lives and the present life.

Thus we will fully utilize our human capacity only if we practice Insight Meditation which enables us to eliminate greed, anger and ignorance and to realize Nibānna.

In the famous Kālāma Sutta, Buddha invites everyone to try his teachings by saying “Come, try and see the results for yourself”. This is very challenging and at the same time, we come to aware that Buddhism is not a blind-folded philosophy.

The teaching shows the way to keep your mine as clean as white cotton. Power of mind is so immense, and this piece of mind is difficult to get stabled, mind is emotion, mind is misty, mind is brilliant, mine can create any thing according to your will.

Mind can some time stressed out due heavy load of work or personal matters.

It is important to replenish our mind or to purify your mind by taking meditation classes.

In order to spend your precious time efficiently, it is advised to visit Myanmar so as to practice Insight Meditation that will free you from Samsara, the wheel of sufferings. “Seven Star Tours” will not only introduce you to Myanmar Culture and Nature but also help you to achieve the ultimate goal of life which is to realize Nibānna.



Myanmar Tourist Visa is valid for 28 days only. You can use this visa for short practice like 10days meditation classes. For longer period of practice like one month or more, it is appropriate to obtain a Meditation VISA before coming to Myanmar. You are also required to provide a sponsorship letter from the meditation centre to obtain such visa.

You are obliged to inform us about 10 days before your arrival.

Most of the meditation centres have fix daily schedule and restriction. Smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco or betel nut and the use of recreational drugs are strictly prohibited.

Most of the centre will provide with food and lodging including a mosquito net, sheet, pillow and pillow case, blanket and a thermos bottle (flask). Costs are met through the generous donations of well-wishers.

There is no limitation for the period and donation money.

Other personal items including medicines, vitamins and toiletries, if there are particular brands or specific items you require.

(Above mentioned may be different depending on the meditation center you choose.)


Meditation Centers in Myanmar


Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre

Address: 55A Kaba Aye Pagoda Road

Kaba Aye P.O. Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: +95-1-661479 Fax: +95-1-667050


Tradition: Vipassana using the Mahasi Sayadaw method

Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre (Hmawbi)

Address: 588, No. 3 Block, Hmawbi Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: +95–1-620 321


Tradition: Vipassana using the Mahasi Sayadaw method

Dhamma Joti Vipassana Centre

Address: Wingaba Yele Kyaung, Nga HtatGyi Pagoda Road,

Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: +95-1-549 290


Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha Meditation Centre

Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organisation

Address: No 16, Sasana Yeiktha Road, Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: +95-1-541971, +95-1-552501

Fax: +95-1-289960, +95-1-289961

Tradition: Satipatthana Vipassana meditation

Mahavijayaransi Vijjalaya and Mahaatularansi Dhamma Yeiktha

Address: Kya-Swa Chanung (Valley) Sagasaing Hills, Sagaing Township, Myanmar

Tel: +95-72-21541

Fax: +95-72-22034


Tradition: Vipassana using the Mahasi Sayadaw method

Panditarama Shwe Taung Gon Meditation Centre

Address: 80 A, Thanlwin Road, Shwe Gon Dine P.O., Bahan

Yangon, Myanmar Tel: +95-1-535448, +95-1-705525


Pak Auk Forest Monastery

Address: 653 Lower Main Road

Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar

Tel: +95-32-22132

Method: Pha Auk method of meditation


Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Yeiktha

Address: Aung Myay Thar Yar Road, Gone Tala Poung village

Mingaladon township, Yangon, Myanmar

Tel. +95-1-636402

Tradition: Cittanupassana Vipassana Meditation Method


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Hlaing Township (11051), Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : (+ 959) 401 541 044, 401 541 055, 799839350

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9:30 AM to 5:30 PM for Mon ~ Fri
9:30 AM to 1:00 PM for Sat

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