Client : Catriona
Date : February 21, 2017

      We had a wonderful holiday! We all really enjoyed Burma, and having travelled a lot in SE and South Asia, I thought it was a fantastic first place to take the kids because it was so calm, with so little of the hustle and hassle/hard sell that you can sometimes get in Asian countries. The kids did tire of Pagodas even more quickly than I had hoped; though I still think they loved seeing them (they just were not so keen to hear the details!) But they loved the fact that everyday seemed like an adventure – in terms of location, sights and particularly the transport!
The organization was fabulous – all our guides met us exactly as planned and were great in their own ways. While not at all a criticism, I did think some of our guides were a little unsure how to adapt their programme/pitch to kids (by Mandalay, my girls were on ‘Pagoda strike’ but it was hard to convey this message to the guide, and she wasn’t sure what to do to make the experience more appealing to kids :)). Some of the guides only directed the information to us, instead of perhaps finding a way to make it interesting to and appeal to the kids. I realize they probably felt they needed to give the adults the cultural information ;)
Given the incredible number of Pagodas in Mandalay, it probably makes sense to start a tour of the country there (instead of ending there as we did), as we all had pagoda/monastery fatigue to some extent by the time we got there. It is hard to say though, as having the boat trip to Mandalay at the end was very relaxing. We really enjoyed Yandabo, which I don’t think you had heard of before – I think one of the highlights in fact for us all. It is just a sleepy stop along the river, with not a lot to do, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you get to be up close with two villages (the one it is situated in, where they make pots and if you take the boat trip the Hotel offers, you visit another farming village where you really get to see local life, alone (you are the only tourists there) and you get to see the water buffalos coming down to cool off etc). The kids loved that just so you know, the hotel does charge $20 per adult to go over to the other village and for a ‘tour’ – I was a little surprised d as it was the sort of destination where i think this might better have been included in the hotel price (as there is not much else to do there, including for the staff, and the ability to visit the village is on the website without mention of price!). As I know you typically pay for tours from hotels it is hard to say exactly why it felt odd being charged for this one, but it did. That said, we really enjoyed the experience, especially the kids, so it was worth it. The hotel itself is lovely.
The kid’s highlight of the trip was certainly the elephant camp (even though Sarah was sick that day, and in fact vomiting as we drove to the farm!). She perked up completely, and managed to feed and wash the elephants.
Oh, and we met the president of Burma, who stayed in our hotel in Mandalay! He spoke to us all, so that was quite special. Please do let me know if you would like feedback on anything in particular that we did on the trip?


Client : Age P
Date : Jan 20, 2017

      I am back now from my trips and our party of 5 are back from East Asia as well. They are really pleased and happy that all went so well. Guides – they loved their guides. All professional, helpful – please pass our greetings and thanks. Hotels – well done! Thanks to very good hotels the group avoided stress and tiredness. Really pleased. Your service – excellent! All changes and extras well covered promptly and professionally and even if this party was not the easiest lot, you were very patient and professional. Many thanks to your partners as well, all 4 countries were well covered. I personally really enjoyed working with you! Thank you very much!


Client : Cécile
Date : May 14, 2016

      We would like to thank the Seven Stars Agency for the travel you organized for us. It was a very pleasant one and very well organized. There are still some room for improvement in the Sittwe-Mrauk-Oo part, but overall, we were very satisfied. I would like to extand a particular thank to our guide in Mandalay, Ms Phyu Hnin Tun and recommand her without reservation. Not only is Ms Tun a highly skilled professional, with a strong ethic and a perfect knowledge of the history, but she is also consummer oriented and made our stay the best we could have asked for. She also has a delicate sense of humor and we enjoyed her company very much . She is very dedicated to her job and I have no doubt that she will have a bright future in the tourism industry. I strongly recommand her services.


Client : David and Family
Date : April 12, 2016

      We're just over a week back and l've been wanting to email to thank you for such a fabulous trip! Just as we spent the last few days on the beach (perfect location!) we tried to capture the highlights as a family.As l asked my son (11) how would he describe it to our friends he said ' mummy you just couldn't in words!'. We had so many highlights that the list just kept going! ....
      The expertise and friendliness of the guides as though they were a 'safe covering' over our family, was fabulous. ...the homestay....Saba tea plantation, night rainforest treks,the overnight train (18 hrs!) watching rural life go by, ( my husband thought his wife was returning to her teenage backpacking days!) the character of Mandalay, horse and cart 'taxis' around the pagodas of Bagan, we loved lnle lake and life on stilts ,..cycling round the paddy fields watching 16 of the fastest rice planters in Myanmar!... and as for the elephant camp, that was such a wonderful family experience was right up there on the 'best experiences ever' list!
      So Liddy without having you to read on and on...we had a stunning time and really hope that the experience matters longterm in our childrens lives as an exposure to culture and a celebration of the diversity of our world.It was a poignant time in the history of Myanmar with the presidential elections taking place and Aung San Suu Kyis long struggle for a democratic government finally being recognised while we were there.So what an education the trip was for our children and helps instill so many values we want for our family life.
      Thank you too for 'stepping in there' to help David with accessing the care he needed with his dog bite.It was a tense time for us as we anticipated him having to leave the country. You were an answer to prayer! When the bank balance recovers, the culture experience needs a major top up and my children mummy needs another reminder of her backpacking days, we will be back to you!


Client : Ridout Family
Date : April 11, 2016

     We just wanted to write and thank you for showing us around your beautiful country. We met the most amazing friendly people. All the guides were good but I would like to especially mention Pue and her driver in Mandalay and the wonderful Mr T in Kalaw. They were especially good with our three boys aged 9,7 and 5 who still talk about them. Thank you , the Ridout family ( booked via stubborn mile uk)


Client : Lh
Date : February 17, 2016

      Hi, Just wanted to thank you for wonderful service during my stay in Myanmar. All was perfect as expected. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Hope to see you guys again. I enjoyed Myanmar very much, it is a beautiful country with full of beautiful people. Thank you again!


Client : Sophie, Pierre and Sara
Date : February 16, 2016

    We are back in Beijing and more than happy to have discovered Myanmar. Even if 5 days were very short (but actually very intense and well organized), we enjoyed it, and this country is spectacular ! If we have friends going there, we will recommend you !

Attached is our filled questionnaire. You can thanks again our 3 guides. Zaw Zaw from Yangon is very kind, hard worker and experimented. We loved him. We also enjoy the kindness of Zaw at Inle, younger but also attentive. In Bagan, Chuck has a difficult accent to understand his English, but finally after sometime we got used ! They were all nice !
I should add that all the drivers were also very good one and very nice !


Client : Mathur
Date : February 15, 2016

     We wanted to thank you sincerely for a fantastic journey through Myanmar full of experiences. On Spot Everything was well organized and all of the guides – Phone Zaw ( Yangon), Minmin (Bagan), Thande (Mandalay) and Phyo Wai (Inle) – excellently took care of us and were always very obliging. The drivers always brought us to our destinations very carefully and without strees. The hotels were chosen very good, clean and comfortable. The country, its culture and people leave wonderful and hearth memories for us.
     Please even let your partner Seven Stars know that everything was fine and we’re very thankful. The journey was a dream and we enjoyed it so much. Of course we will recommend you and your partner.


Client : Dieter
Date : January 16, 2016

     After being back to work for about two weeks, now I found some time to write.First of all I (we) would like to say thank you very much for your work with our itinerary. Everything worked well and there were no problems at all. So we could enjoy every day while touring in Myanmar and we took some really wonderful remembering back home. The trip to Mrauk U was very good and our guide, Daw Kjawt Aye Than, is a very fine person with a great know-how.
       The hotels were good to very good. We loved the Popa Mountain Resort and the Myanmar Treasure Resort. We looked into the others hotels at Shwe Saung beach and we did not find one that we would prefer. The Myanmar Treasure Resort has a beautiful garden, nice rooms and very good and friendly staff. This applies also to the Popa Mountain Resort. The others hotels we stayed at were good too with less luxury, but we felt comfortable too and everything was alright.
       After visiting Myanmar we traveled to Thailand, to Chao Lao. This is south of Chanthaburi and there are only a few Western people like we are. The resorts and hotels there live from Thai tourism and so it is the real Thailand. We could extend our holidays for two days more and so we returned to Switzerland on January 1st.
       We also thank you for the fotos when we met at the hotel Esta. On the attached foto you can see Daw Kyawt Aye Than and us just before leaving Sittwe. And I enclose the questionnaire that was in the folder you gave us.
       Now we try to survive the wintertime which only started one week ago. It is getting cold now and should stay for some days. This is unusual because wintertime normally starts in November or December. But that gives me some time to plan the next holidays....
       You sent me the invitation for LinkedIn. Unfortunately (or luckily) I am not on one of the social medias like Facebook, Twitter, and so more. That is because I work for a municipality of a town and so I don’t want become a member of the mentioned medias.


Client : Fiona
Date : November 22, 2015

          We have safely returned after a wonderful trip to your country. We enjoyed every aspect of it, and were really impressed by all the organisation (guides, drivers, hotels) all excellent. Obviously we enjoyed some aspects a little more than others, and we returned your questionaire to our driver in Yangon with our comments if they are of any use to  you for future reservations.
        Wishing you and all the team at Seven Stars well and a very successful and busy season. We have already recommended Seven Star Tours to a friend who is thinking of visiting Myanmar.


Client : Sarah
Date : October 24, 2015

          The tour programmed is very interesting. I would like to recommend my friends to visit Myanmar. Nothing to improve your services and itineraries. It was all fantastic – Thank you!


Client : Jonathan
Date : Aug 13, 2015

     I just wanted to feedback on my Trip over last weekend. All the arrangements went very well. Given the very limited time I had, I managed to do and see far more than I expected and am very grateful for your help in organizing the itinary for me.
     I found the visits fascinating and learnt a lot about the people and the country. If I am able to travel to Myanmar again I will contact you and also recommend to others.


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